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Opportunity Gap

Traffic Counts

Total Opportunity Gap                                              $654,842,672

Furniture & Home Furnishings                                      $15,344,859

Appliances & Electronics                                                   $13,810,476

Building Material, Garden & Home Centers            $93,912,161

Grocery Stores                                                                       $23,567,039

Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores          $35,837,736

Shoe Stores                                                                                  $3,547,188

Sporting Goods                                                                          $6,633,719

Pharmacies & Drug Stores                                                $18,301,377

Department Stores                                                            $46,868,637

Office Supplies, Stationary, Gift                                      $4,190,376

Full-Service Restaurants                                                 $35,133,552

Limited Service Restaurants                                          $35,617,774

Drinking Places/ Alcoholic Beverage                           $3,514,771

Estimated more than 50,000 cars per day travel through Glenpool.

* The Opportunity Gap represents the difference between retail sales in specific categories of goods or services where reported demand (purchases by consumers living in an area) exceeds reported sales by merchants (supply) within the same defined trade area. Data is derived from the Consumer Expenditure Survey as administered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and from the Census of Retail Trade, made available through the U.S. Census.

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